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Restoration and care of wood flooring


In the case of a parquet floor pre-finished with oil/wax/varnish, optimum protection is achieved approximately 20-30 days after laying, with exposure to light and air in an environment with constant humidity (45-65%) and room temperature (16-22°). It is advisable to take great care during this period and wear soft footwear. If further building work is required, you must protect the wood flooring by covering it with a thick, soft and non-sticky breathable material to ensure that the pre-finished parquet does not become scratched, damaged or dirty.
In the case of a parquet floor pre-finished with natural oil or wax, let it settle for 8-10 days and then apply a coat of undiluted protective liquid emulsion, following the manufacturer’s instructions. This will ensure that the wood is properly fed and extends the time before it needs renewing.


Oil-treated wood flooring periodically needs reviving (once a year or more), depending on wear and tear by retreating it with oil. This is a very simple process. Varnished surfaces can be revived by applying a polish or wax emulsion to keep the varnish in good condition.
Always contact a qualified operator when a varnished surface needs special care (sanding and re-sealing with varnish).

Cadorin planks are supplied with a hardwood thickness of 4.5-5 mm allowing for future sanding if required without problems.


- Always make sure rooms with wood flooring are well aired
- Keep the room temperature between 15° and 22° C
- Keep the ambient relative humidity between 45% and 65%
- Avoid covering the wood flooring for long periods with carpets and avoid using non colour-fast rugs
- When washing the wood flooring, do not pour water directly onto the floor, but always use a damp cloth
- Protect the wood flooring during building work and repairs
- Always use the cleaning and maintenance products recommended by the suppliers

As indicated in the Italian Consumer Code, the consumer must be handed the product identification sheet issued by the manufacturer (Italian Law No. 126 of 10 April 1991 “Standards for consumer information” and Italian Decree Law No. 101 of 8 February 1997 “Regulations for implementation”).
This sheet accompanies the goods on delivery, being attached to the shipping document provided in the packs together with the information sheet.

For routine cleaning, remove any dust from the wood flooring using a vacuum cleaner fitted with appropriate wood flooring brushes or, alternatively, using electrostatic cloths. The floor may be washed or revived as required by following the instructions given in the information sheet in the packaging, using a neutral detergent and suitable protective restorative emulsion. Avoid using any foam, abrasive, acid, corrosive or similar substances, whether chemical or natural, that could harm the surface. Do not use too much water: there are tiny gaps between each plank, allowing excess water to penetrate. Trapped moisture causes the wood to swell and change.

Every order of oiled parquet includes inside the packaging a



Biofa cleaning products contain natural components and can be used for any kind of wood flooring finish: oiled, waxed, varnished.